We don't only celebrate the beauty of world cultures, we highlight the value of people. Our policy is to invest 100% of all donations into the following foundations and provide you updates on how your donation has impacted the lives of others through our newsletter.


Begunahi Foundation - USA 


The mission of the BEGUNAHI™ Foundation-USA is to create opportunities for economically challenged women and girls of India by partnering with local charitable organizations. Such opportunities include providing quality education and supporting skill development to empower and improve the quality of life.

Founders and members of BEGUNAHI™ Foundation are motivated by causes that improve the lives of women and girls. Over 100 million children stop going to school beyond the middle standard in India.  Girls in India are often marginalized, taught that their sole role in life is to become a wife and a mother, and there is a belief that educating a girl alters the natural order of things. 

Through the foundation's education and job training programs, women are empowered to stand on their own and create a sustainable quality of life for themselves and their families. BEGUNAHI™ is committed to embarking on a journey that is exciting and rewarding.  We know we make a real difference in the lives of the women and girls we support.  More importantly, we also make a lasting impact on her family and in her community. 


Winter coats for 50 children rescued from traffickers in North East India
Scholarships for young Indian women to attend schools. Scholarship supports all levels of education up to (and including) PH.D
Self defense classes hosted for women in India
Computer training center for underprivileged girls in India
Sewing occupational training for women in India
And so much more!




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If you are a member or owner of a non-profit organization which helps men, women, and children of ethnic backgrounds, please contact us at for potential partnerships. Thank you for your donations and all that you do!

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